Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • EndlessWait
    02-24 03:03 PM
    There have been several threads on this. I know IV was looking into it. Any update on this ????

    I can't see a better time to help the US economy if we can buy houses for faster GC.

    IV should make this top priority and discuss with the President staff directly.

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  • tiinap
    09-25 06:54 PM
    I support this idea of a Silicon Valley rally. I also think that for our next rally we first need need some new concept or central idea that will make us heard loud and clear and get even more national attention. I guess we all agree that the next rally shouldn't be simply a repeat of DC in a different location, but in some way take things to the next level.

    Our ranks are much smaller than the 12 million illegal immigrants, so we cannot get noticed based on sheer numbers alone. To get attention we need original & effective ideas. Like the flower campaign.

    One idea that we could use in our next rally is to ask each participant to come with a sign that reads "Waiting since (year)" where the date is when you first came to the US as a student or H1 or J1. In my case that's 1999 and I'm not even able to get in line for a green card.

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  • reddymjm
    01-22 10:53 AM
    This Tracker facility we have in IV is good. Kudos to the Admin team who implemented this thing.

    These are my observations. I could be grossly mistaken. Pardon me if I am wrong.

    There are approximately 26,000 people who have put in their priority dates and other such data in the tracker. When I compared similar cases, I got some 265 who were EB3 India with a priority date in 2002. That is approximately 1 %, give or take.

    Here I have ignored EB3 India 2001 guys. But that number would be very less I believe.

    1% of 400k is 4000 which is what USCIS issues GC for EB3 India in a year.

    Does that mean I could get my GC this year.

    Hope these numbers are right.

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    05-08 11:02 PM
    Best way to get more immigrants to participate in advocacy efforts by for legal immigration is by communicating to international student organizations of various universities around virginia, maryland, washingtondc,west virginia north and south carolina. Arranging busses for the students is not a bad idea. Students once convinced why they need change in current immigration reforms for employment base legal immigrants will participate in huge numbers to attend the advocacy efforts done by as they have more time in hand


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  • GCwaitforever
    10-17 05:07 PM
    maybe some day in the not too distant future, when the days of bonded H-1b labor end, a person who has lost time and passed up opportunites can actually go to a court and sue DOL and USCIS for damages and opportunity costs.

    Not only the opportunity costs, there are real costs also. My salary is frozen because I reached highest possible in my current role. Till I get the Greencard, I will be loosing real money.

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  • diptam
    08-25 02:08 PM
    This strategy worked for lot of folks. But there are some States like CO where no DMV office understands our problem - NJ is not like that at all.

    Good Luck !

    My friend was in a similar situation last yr, He took his all his documents to Trenton DMV and they have given him 90 days extension.

    Try that, Good Luck

    Other Option is convert your H1 Extension to premium and get the approval before your H1 expiration date


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  • gsc999
    09-25 09:15 PM
    I agree with both the ideas.
    In fact the idea of the banner with 'Waiting for X years' is fantastic ..
    That would be an amazing sight where everyone holds placards that say since when they have been waiting.
    If it's even 400 people .. we have 400 people saying look we've been waiting since 5,7 or 9 years.

    It's also important to get in heavyweights like either local folks like Google HR head or any public face. Google has always supported the Immigration issues .. since they have problems because they couldn't hire folks when the h1 lottery happenned.

    Thanks for the good ideas.

    Can you PM me your ph# so we can chat. It would be great if you can take on this action item of organizing rally at the company campus you work for, it is pretty respectable company and I know this because I cover the semiconductor space. I think your example will inspire others to conduct a similar event at their campuses.

    Please let me know what help you need from me.

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  • raj3078
    07-18 12:59 PM

    Let's say, I am not able to do that. But, do you suspect that they might APPROVE my 485 BEFORE my PD gets current? If they don't then, I am in no trouble, isn't that right? If they don't approve, then, I can add her into AOS when my PD gets current again assuming I don't file for EAD (I won't - I like my employer for now).


    My company lawyer addressed this part. The way it works is that they will work on your file only when your PD is current. So even if you apply now, they most likely wont work on it after July as your PD wont be current. Then when next time (say in Jan 2008) when your PD becomes current, they will pick up all the files for that month and start working on it. It might be that they will work on your file on Jan1st or Jan 31st. You can send your wife AOS the moment your PD becomes current. So you want to make sure that it reaches there before they approve your AOS. In case you are extremely unlucky, then they would start working on your file on 1st day of the month and finish it before end of that day, making it impossible for your wife's application to go through. Thats rare though. So if you can make sure that her app reaches on 1st day of the month in which PD is current, then they should most likely add her to your AOS and work on those together and make your life go forward....its a chance which you will be taking...But again life is a chance


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  • reddog
    06-12 05:37 PM
    Are you kidding me?
    What does your lawyer say about it?

    Does your lawyer know that your wife supports you?

    If the person you committed the Violence on, is not ready to accept it, how are they even offering you battery?

    If you did beat her, were there any witnesses? And do not respond to this question in positive.

    There is definitely something missing here. You are either not saying the complete truth, OR your wife is not supporting you, OR you are suspecting that she will testify against you.

    DA offered:
    Keep on DV battery charge, no jail time, 52 weeks anger control class, 3 yr probation.

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  • s416504
    07-20 03:16 PM
    Delivered July 2 @11:34 USPS


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  • grupak
    12-17 02:12 PM
    With all due respect, the probelem I have with volunteers is that I don't think amtures can pull a job this big, you've got to have profesionals, somethng like a compain maneger.

    I admire the courage of your guys, and think the goal is fantastic. But the way it goes, I don't see how it can be achieved.

    I've learned a great deal about immigration from the forum here. I very much appreciate it. I try to give back by answering questions others may have. I think IV has been doing a great job serving as that capacity.

    But you guys want do something bigger. Well, you have faith in it, I don't, at least not now, neither many others. Maybe that is why you are still asking for money and volunteers.

    IV was started by a few dedicated members, it has grown since then. It will continue to grow. As it grows and get more funding, IV can hire someone professional to do the things you say. However, you have to start somewhere. Can't expect to have paid professional managers first, before we even have the funding, and then look for funding to do the things it does.

    And IV is more than a website. We want to build a strong grass roots movement by strengthening the state chapters. There is more than just lobbying that needs to be done.

    As I was reading the posts, I was just thinking to myself that it will involve a lot of work to collect the checks, keep a record (even non-profits must maintain it for IRS I suppose) and deposit it. Most people in IV now are working professionals with a day job. The current system of electronic payment is best for now, in my opinion.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 11:12 AM
    You mean the EAD and AP application?

    They will send your application back to you.Maybe some experts can opine on this


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  • GooblyWoobly
    09-17 04:11 AM
    I think Wah Wah is confused by the differences between 'retrogression' and 'backlog'. Of course, you are right that the PDs are not likely to go much further back (I think USCIS took a conservative approach after July - note they are still issuing visas to those with non-current PDs but are using the bulletin to limit incoming new filings). However, if 20 million applied in July the coming backlogs would be horrendous, even though priority dates would not necessarily need to go back further.

    However, in a sense, if the backlog is perpetual, and let's say the PD never really moves forward by more than, for example, one month, in the next 10 years (I'm picking extremes to make my point) then the effective retrogression at that point would be greater than say todays.

    Phew. Anyway, I think that's what he was on about!


    That'd happen even with or without July Fiasco. If there were 20 million people with PD in 2006, as soon as the PD in VB reaches 2006, that many people will apply, and the PD will be stuck there forever. So, what my point is, July Fiasco made NO DIFFERENCE to retrogression (except the effect of some resources at USCIS spent on receipting/issuing EAD&AP).

    I agree it's very bad, and we need to fight it. But I just didn't want to people panic on something that's un-true. I'm tired of the FUD, that's it!! Just see, now in another thread somebody is speculating about discrimination against Indians inside USCIS!!

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  • bigboy007
    07-21 12:06 AM
    eb3 FedEx delivered on July 2 9:01 AM EST signed by E.Mickels


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  • krishnam70
    07-10 04:52 PM
    So USCIS will never see the flowers becoz they are boxed.. and they will never get delivered becoz they are being routed from the airport itself. No major news media covered the few deliveries at USCIS.. What was the point of the campaign again?
    would you please refrain from posting the same message in all threads

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  • anantc
    08-26 11:07 AM
    My labor was put as just "computer programmer" with my US experience as 4 yrs experience on top of having BE + Masters (From India). My I-140 for EB2 got denied and my company forced it to refile in EB3, which got approved recently.. but then am in the long queue of I-1485.
    Initially it was queue for Labor in 2003 which took 2+ years, then I-140 2yrs for getting EB2-denial and then another year for EB3-approval of I-140. Now waiting for I-485 since 2007 July.



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  • Caliber
    04-01 03:12 PM
    Thanks a lot Praveen and Amit. Hope your action will motivate others too.

    God bless you.

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  • alterego
    10-03 07:37 PM

    This is indeed a gloomy and (in my view credible) story. The only thing possibly that can help us within the current laws, is the visa overflow from EB1 and EB2 ROW.

    Lets hope for the best. The Nov. Visa bulletin will be confirmatory.

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  • sunny1000
    10-05 03:05 PM
    "AMPLIFICATION: The above Washington Wire item on the letter from House Republicans to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of an immigration bill to "help and retain" high-skilled workers refers to legislation that would increase the number of H-1B visas and green cards for high-tech and other skilled workers. The question in the WSJ poll referred to a separate effort, pushed by President Bush, to revamp the immigration system and provide a path to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally. The item wasn't intended to imply high-skilled workers are illegal immigrants"

    They just updated with the above correction....:cool:

    11-15 06:05 PM
    If you were not told the correct bill rate, you can recover that money. Simply ask them in writing to show you the contract since you are on 70/30 basis. The written contracts, oral contracts, emails all stand in the court but how will you prove an oral contract? If you have found an offer that meets your expectations just quit. We all make the same mistakes. We spend our time on working out things where they are not working. Just "quietly" without your employer getting a hint, find a job and quit.

    Bill rate? 70/30 basis?? Contract??? I would like the OP to report his employer to DoL. DoL and USCIS will kick both the OP and the employer. It is easy to get carried away saying that the employer is blood sucker etc. But very clearly, you should know that there can't be these kinds of contracts on H1. The employer knows that people who go to them are on thin ice, and so does the employee (employer is there to do business -- he is not running charity).

    Maybe you guys want OP to go to DoL so that both the employer and OP get kicked out of this country (that is good for all of us) due to obvious immigration fraud.

    To top it, OP goes on an offensive when people point of the bitter truth to him. This site should not promote illegal behavior, anybody seeking advise on these topics should be severely castigated, because they broke the law too (and they know it, just dont want to admit it). Or maybe we should encourage these people to report to DoL so that all of them can be punished for misusing the laws.

    03-27 01:12 AM
    I got red with a message "so negative" for my post where I tried to be realistic.
    I guess people dont want to hear the truth! :(


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