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  • Sheetal_MA
    10-14 07:21 PM
    500,000 Legal immigrants in limbo:
    lets say (I mean lets Tell them) 1/5 th of that # buy on an average $300K houses.
    That equates to $30 billion.. Not a bad #. But I am sure all want to buy houses eventually. Thats $150 billion. Not a small #.

    Lets say (again tell them).
    1/100 th of 500,000 start companies, of 5 employees each=25,000 jobs.. Not bad again.
    This idea is inline with our IV campaign that was discussed sometime back. We can tell in different forms to the media. Somebody may publish.

    This is an interesting thought at first. However, I don't think it will hold water, especially in this environment. On the first item, assuming 1/5 will buy houses is a very optimistic number particularly given that many of those who can buy have already likely purchased a house. There is no legal hindrance in buying a house on a non-immigrant visa, hence it's a weak argument. Furthermore, it's a small number compared to the housing inventory.

    Unfortunately, this is not a good time to push for immigration reform. The main counter-argument you will get right now is the need to preserve American jobs.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-16 05:05 PM
    This waiver seems to be for Citizens and Green card holders right?

    I have applied for 485 is this waiver applicable to me. Any thoughts?

    tv25, please talk to a good Attorney. You know very well what your case is about...and its a good idea to talk to an attorney and get everything sorted out.

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  • anilsal
    11-30 01:09 PM
    Does anyone have any insight on this thing called "Last Action Rule"?

    1) Visa stamp till Feb 28,2007.
    2) Extension of 3 year H1B based on approved I140 starting March 1,2007.
    3) International travel, returning to the US on Feb 3.

    Now at the port of entry, the officer takes an action of saying your I-94 is valid till Feb 27. Basically this invalidates your previous H approval that starts from March 1. Some "Last Action Rule".


    Has anyone gone through this?
    Basically the idea is that the person has to get a new H1B stamp when in India for the extension.

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  • breddy2000
    05-24 12:46 PM
    Done!!! Great JOB GUYS....


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  • desi3933
    03-02 03:35 PM
    11) is it possible to switch the GC processing to "future employment", although the Labor/I-140 were approved with the understanding that I was to continue working for the same employer?

    Yes. GC is always for future employment.

    12) is the H1 visa/Priority Date of approved labor/I-140 carried over when the individual changes citizenship - from Indian to Canadian?

    Changing citizenship does not affect how Priority Dates are recaptured.

    13) when do the dependents' citizenship come into the picture in the GC process? If I continue to be an Indian citizen but my spouse becomes a Canadian citizen, will my approved Labor/I-140 be affected in any way?

    It is country-of-birth that matters. if your spouse is born in another country that is not subject to PD backlog, you may apply your I-485 to your spouse�s country of birth.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

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  • hpandey
    09-16 08:02 PM
    The approval of h1 will not invalidate H4 visa. The usage of h1 visa invalidates H4 visa.
    if you have h1 approved and don't join the company, then your h4 remains intact. Once you join a company on h1, you will fill out i-9 form, which informs the concerend authorities about your status change.

    That's what I meant . Since he started usinlg the H1 his H4 visa was no longer valid . Doesn't that mean that if he goes back he will have to get some kind of visa stamped to come back ( either H4 or H1 ). Could someone throw more light on this situation.


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  • map_boiler
    09-15 02:20 PM
    ...have emailed a request to join the IL State Chapter. Have also updated my profile. Thanks!

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  • whiteStallion
    12-04 01:32 AM
    Well said !

    We all know this EB3-EB2 game is total non-sense and unjust.

    So many extra-ordinary people who could/should have been in EB2 are in EB3 simply because : corporate lawyer filed in wrong category, they did not want to work for a desi employer who would file in EB2 in exchange for a lot of things, they did not want to buy an approved labor and create fake experience certs/affidavits, or for various other family/job realated reasons which have nothing to do with his/her education/skills/experience.

    At the same time, a lot of street smart people got their EB2 labor/I140 approved while they worked at gas stations.

    In my opinion all IT professionals, MBA's, Lawyers, Doctors and all other BE/Btech/ME/MTech engg. should be in SAME category (EB2 or EB3). The only people who should be in a preferred category are the scientists who are actually working as research scientists for a govt or non-profit organization (not just anyone who bought a PhD from Dhanabad University for Rs 15000).

    If there must be EB2 vs. EB3 then it should be based on a well-defined, measurable and well followed criteria, for example a aptitude/IQ test, interview/GD, there are many other ways to cover all types of talents.


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  • GotFreedom?
    08-18 08:42 PM
    Sorry to hear about the denial bro. 3 yrs + PG Diploma stands no chance getting an EB2 approval regardless of your experience. It sucks bad but its the bitter truth. In my honest opinion please do not waste time and money on lawyers in continuing to pursue that case. You should be able to verify this in so many other threads discussing this topic from people's personal experiences.

    Get your case started in EB3 category ASAP with right educational requirements and maintain a valid H1B!!
    I feel for you man and good luck!!

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  • gc_chahiye
    12-27 01:57 AM
    Is it mandatory to file AC21 with USCIS after moving to a new company?

    most lawyer recommend filing it. If your previous employer revokes your I-140, then filing it can potentially save you an RFE and related delays.

    If I move out to a new company before 180 days with the employer's co operation now and
    If that employer cancel the I-140 in future (i.e after 180 days), will that have any impact on I-485?

    No, you are safe in this case. There is the little gray area of you leaving the petitioning employer early, but since they did not revoke teh I-140, you can say that (if it came up in the interview) you intended to go back to them and they had all intentions of hiring you again. As long as I-140 is revoked past 180 days there are no issues. File for AC-21 sometime past the 180 days mark.


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  • alinaturkova
    01-15 08:11 AM
    Hey Everyone,

    My brother is a US citizen who has filed an I-130 for me and my family in May, 2008. We've traveled to the US on B1/B2 visas in February, 2009. The thing about it is that in the DS-156 form point "36. Has Anyone Ever Filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf?" we've answered "No". I've had no idea at that time that it was referring to the petition for alien relative. Anyways, we've returned back home in time. Also, I've had 3 visas before (2 tourist and 1 student) and never violated any immigration laws.

    Then in December, 2009 we've applied for F-1 visa and got denied. This time it was a DS-160 form that we filled out which replaced the old DS-156 form. It didn't have that question about the petition anymore. I think they've decided to exclude it because a lot of people were confused by it. Anyways, the consulate officer didn't like the fact that I haven't transferred my credits from 2 courses of University that I've completed in my home country. Plus my major differed from my previous education course.

    So my question is. Is it ok to apply for F-1 visa while I-130 is pending? I mean we've been issued B1/B2 visas before. Even though we've answered "No" to that question, they saw that I had a brother in the US who is a US citizen. I'm thinking of transferring my credits and using same major course this time or at least similar. This way in the eyes of the consulate officer it will look as I am going to the US to finish my education. The thing is, I am planning to attend community college first in order to finish general courses and then transfer to the university. My major in my home university was physics and this community college doesn't have it. I may go with "general education" course at the community college and explain to the consulate officer my situation.

    Is it even legal to apply for F-1 visa while I-130 is pending? I believe so. My another question is. Once I finish education. What's the next step would be? Will it be easy to transfer from F-1 to H1B visa while I-130 is pending? What about my wife and a baby who will be on F-2 status? Please share your thoughts. Thank you!

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  • gcformeornot
    01-07 04:25 PM
    going to ...... I can not go in there. Probably too many people looking for info......


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  • needgc2004
    07-20 09:53 AM
    When is the last case for EB2 India approved?Just wanted to know the priority date of it.Mine is June 2006 EB2 when can i get my GC?Any guess?

    I am waiting Since DEC 2004. You are not even close to the Heaven Gates :D May be you will have card in 2012,2013 around :-)

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  • mojo_jojo
    01-18 07:13 PM
    If the recession does hit,

    will the visa bulletin of every month jump faster?

    or will it slow down?

    does anyone know?



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  • ravi98
    09-23 09:43 AM
    There are so many things that needs fixing that there is always some group that is dissatisfied with the administration.
    Second, even after having taught constitutional law and sticking by the constitution, he is charged with violating the constitution! And movements like "taking back our country" rallies are held - taking the country back from whom? taking the country back to which century? He has to even circumvent appointing people to head agencies to avoid republican stonewalling!
    Third, if Obama's popularity was high, one can accuse him of trying to do nothing to keep his approval ratings up. But that is not the case. His approval ratings are low..

    By saying this, I am not saying that he has done everything right. But we need to know the ground realities instead of coming up with statements like he is not doing anything for us. He is stonewalled everywhere on every issue! For us to bring our issues to the forefront, as some one suggested, we need to get the media to understand our problems and ask the right questions. It all boils down to us being active!!

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  • smuggymba
    11-15 01:55 PM
    Should there not be a separate Green card quota for anyone with a USA Masters Degree in any field?

    If USA does that, more people will pay to come to study in USA. Not go to Australia, UK etc to study. So more money to USA. And USA degree holders will be able to use this education and work in USA to improve USA economy. If they go back to their countries, then USA has brain drain.

    If they have separate quota for H1, separate H1B quota for Masters Degrees, what is wrong to have one for Green Card?

    Please support on this thread if you agree.

    Would you have supported this if you did not have a masters?


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  • Lisap
    09-13 12:13 PM
    Please see my details in signature

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  • number30
    04-09 05:33 PM
    I got RFE through attorney. It is asking following details

    1. Emloyment verification letter with present and intended permanent employer

    2. Last two months pay slips

    3. "Although your I 140 petitioner indicated in your initial I485 filing that you were employed by company A at that time, your Form G325 indicated that you were employed by company B and you were authorized by B at that time, please explain discrepancy"

    I am bit worried about question 3. I worked for company A and labor, I140 applied when I was with A.

    But during I485 filing I was with company B and in G325 I mentioned that.

    It looks like company A by mistake mentioned that I was still with them.

    I called my attorney he said its upto me decide which company I should work for.

    But I am not sure company A provides an employment letter for me because I am working for comapny B now.

    If B provides employment letter since it is >180 days since I 485 applied, will there be any issues?

    Please give your opinions...

    Did you put employment letter or offer letter from employer A while filing the I485?

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  • shana04
    11-28 08:16 PM
    Got the approval notice today :) "Welcome to the United States of America" - ironically i have been in this country for a decade now! finally the "welcome" :)

    It has been a very long journey!!!

    Now, enjoy your freedom.


    08-16 06:41 PM
    There are some places, where employee is kept out of the loop and is being exploited. USCIS is the only body which can help in this. It should send copies of all the transactions it makes with either attorney or the employer. that way the employer/ attorney doesn't get a chance to exploit the employee.

    While we can seek IV's help in this for future, what options do we have NOW if we are caught in this situation? Is there any expert on this out here? Can we use a copy of the FP notice instead of the receipt notice. The FP notice has all the information like Name, Case#, RD, ND etc..

    06-18 02:01 PM
    To add to that, keep following up with your lawyer. Dont assume that lawyers know everything. My lawyer destroyed my case and made me loose my 2001 labor. I have now refiled and have a 2004, a loss of 3 years, but in reality, I could have had my green card nearly 8 years ago if it had not been for the mess up. There was nothing that I could do as the company was running the show. All i could get them to do was to refile again.

    In addition to the letters from co-workers, send as many paystubs that you can get, W2 forms and tax returns (or the indian version), bank statements, etc. Also include a letter along with proof that you requested a letter from your old employer.


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